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Page Associates experience in software development has ranged from mainframe computers to desktop PCs to embedded microcomputers using a variety of tools from machine language to the modern languages of today. Our experience has ranged from the banking and chemical industries to laboratory and medical applications. We have been responsible for software design and development as well as electronics design including a variety of microprocessor controlled instruments.

Key Areas of Expertise

  • Legacy Application Migration and Support
    We have been involved in a number of projects with the goal of moving a legacy application from aging or unsupportable platforms to modern hardware and software while adding functionality and ease of use. If you are limited by an older, difficult to support application, talk to us about converting the application to a new desktop GUI or even a web hosted application. The rewards of such conversions are typically lowered cost of operation with increased stability and ease of use.

    We have the expertise to handle not only aging software applications but older electronic devices as well. Older devices place your company at risk because they rely on obsolete and increasingly difficult to procure components. Also, updates to the "look-and-feel" of the devices can restore your competitive edge in your industry.

  • Scientific and Industrial Instrumentation Software
    Page Associates has extensive experience in the design and implementation of instrumentation and control software. We have been involved in interfacing commercial laboratory equipment to LIMs or plant process and quality control software as well as the design of control software for the instrument.

    Need a microprocessor control for a new product? We can help you there, too. We have experience in developing modern and cost-effective instrument control systems using the latest in man-machine interfaces.

  • Web Solutions
    Web solutions fall into a variety of classes from corporate presence to internet commerce but you should also consider the advantages of recasting in-house data processing applications as intranet applications. By doing so you can reap the benefits of centralized control of software deployment and maintenance of the software. All the user needs is a web browser and such solutions are relatively independent of the users chosen software and hardware platform.


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