Over the years Page Associates has been involved in a number of projects that contribute to our wide range of experience. A sampling of the projects includes:

    Medical Industry - Laboratory Instrument Control
    Developed software and collaborated in the hardware design of a series of medical devices which use electrofusion/electroporation to deliver medication or other substances into the cells of the subject under treatment. The mechanism involved is a precisely controlled sequence of electrical pulses which open gaps in the cell walls of the cells to be treated. The software maintained a library of pulse sequence protocols, controlled the administration of the pulse protocols, and maintained records of their use. The software was written in a combination of VB.NET and C.

    Filtration Testing Industry - Gas Mask Testing Instrument
    Developed software and electronics of a next generation instrument used to test the quality and fit of military gas masks. I was responsible for the conceptualization, design, fabrication, and testing of two circuit boards involving three microprocessors, a touch-screen LCD interface and high precision analog circuitry. In addition to the electronics, I developed all required software both for testing the low-level functionality of the machine and for the end user interface. I completed the project on schedule and below cost. The implementation involved a combination of microprocessor types and was coded in C.

    Filtration Testing Industry - Salt Based Aerosol Filter Testing Instrument
    Designed microprocessor based hardware and software for the control system of an instrument to test commercial filters and filter materials using a salt based aerosol. The design involved a distributed microprocessor system with eight microprocessors and a touch-screen GUI control panel. Each of the microprocessors is capable of stand-alone operation which is used in diagnostic testing. The modular approach to the system design was targeted to minimize cost and maximize flexibility of expansion and ease of maintenance. The instrument successfully passed all commercial code compliance requirements (both safety and EMC/EMI). We also provided support for the transition to manufacturing. The design included a combination of PIC32, PIC24, PIC18, PIC16, and SiLabs microprocessors and was coded in C.

    Filtration Testing Industry - Oil Based Aerosol Filter Testing Instrument
    Redesigned the control system for an instrument to test filter materials using an oil based aerosol. The effort included re-write of the existing software from an old version of Basic to C. The re-write also included customer requested feature enhancements. In addition, I redesigned the control system in a way that cut the production cost in half while adding additional capabilities. The microcontroller used was an 8032 variant.

    Filtration Testing Industry - Hot Oil Aerosol Generator
    I developed an electronic control system for an instrument that produces oil-based aerosols for industrial testing applications. The instrument used a hot inert gas for the aerosol generation and the electronics were carefully designed to ensure the safe operation of the instrument. The resulting instrument complied with all relevant international code requirements and was lower in manufacturing cost than its predecessor.

    Chemical Industry - Order Entry and Fulfillment
    Developed a system for ordering characterized chemical standards for a large chemical company. Using the web interface, a customer could determine what compounds were available and place orders for samples. Once the orders were placed, the system queued orders for fulfillment and prompted a technician through the retrieval of the compounds from inventory and the weighing of the appropriate amounts. The software provided all required labeling for the samples, invoices and all the documentation (MSDS, Chain of Custody, etc.) that were required for international shipment of the compound. In addition to the ordering functions of the system, the inventory of compounds was tracked including storage location, special handling considerations, and a timetable for re-characterization of the compound.

    Chemical Industry - Order Fulfillment
    Developed an order fulfillment system that enabled researchers to retrieve samples from a large inventory of research compounds. The system received orders from a mainframe order entry system and provided software for the scheduling of order processing, the retrieval of compounds from a semi-automatic compound storage and retrieval system and management of the weigh stations that dispensed the samples including the preparation of shipping documents. The system replaced an aging hardware and software with no interruption in service and a major (3X) increase in productivity.

    Chemical Industry - Instrument Interface
    This job involved the development of an interface between a Brinkman Titrator and a testing lab's sample submittal and LIMs systems. The program was responsible for prompting the operator through sample preparation and testing. The software produced appropriate labels for the samples and printed reports as well as making the results available to the LIMS.

    Fibers Industry - Automated Testing
    Designed software to operate a custom sample analyzer for a large fibers company. The system handled the sample preparation and logging into the testing system. Since the testing procedure involved toxic materials, the prepared samples were inserted into a robotic testing station that performed the test without human intervention. Upon completion of the test, the waste products were disposed of and the results of the testing transferred to the plant-wide process quality control system. Page Associates developed all the software involved from the sample preparation to the logging of results, including the control software for the testing robot.

    Fibers Industry - Automated Testing System
    Participated in hardware design and developed all software for an automated yarn testing system. The system consisted of a sample dispatcher and four test instruments. A rack of yarn bobbins were rolled up to the dispatcher and the free end of the yarn was introduced to the dispatcher. When the machine operator pressed "Start", the dispatcher would deliver a sample of yarn to each of the test instruments until all bobbins on the rack had been tested by all instruments. Test results from the various instruments were collected by the dispatcher and combined into a complete report on the testing of the rack. The report was both printed and shipped to a central database.

    Equine Industry - Registry Management Software
    Developed a complete registry management package for a major equine breed registry. The package handled all aspects of the registry, both of the membership and their horses. A full range of reports is available including membership directories, labels, membership statistics, etc.

    Equine Industry - Website
    Designed a website for an equine breed registry which include information of pedigrees of horses, advertising for sellers, and reference material on the breed. The site was designed with flexibility in mind and most of the changeable material on the site can be managed by the registry office without involving outside support.

    Food Industry - Quality Testing
    Replaced a DOS C application with a Win32 GUI application for a food processing company. The replacement was driven by the need to add features, replace aging hardware, and improve reliability. The application was responsible for the automated testing of samples of the incoming crop to determine the quality of the crop and thus the payment to the producer. The timing on this project was driven by the harvest schedule and was developed on time and the conversion of eight testing stations and training of the operators was completed on schedule for the harvest.

    Fibers Industry - Website
    Performed a major redesign of a website for a large specialty fibers company. The enhancements included improved navigation, expanded information, and slide- shows/movies depicting the use of the products.

    Optoelectronics Industry - Automated Testing
    Translated an unsupported application written in HPVEE to Visual Basic. The application was designed to control a test station that measured properties of an optical device. The station operator was prompted through the identification of the device to be tested and the connection of the device to the test fixture. Once connected, the station performed a series of automated tests by communicating with optical spectrum analyzer and signal generators through a GPIB buss. The results of the testing were made available in a report and a datafile.

    Fibers Industry - Test Instrument Control Software
    Provided enhancements and support for an orphan legacy application (PC DOS/C Language) which controlled a multiproperty test instrument. Developed a Win32 replacement for the application which retained all the functionality of the old software and added numerous usability and maintenance enhancements.

    Petroleum Industry - Oil Tank Measurement System
    Developed control and analysis software for a proprietary system for the measurement of wall thickness in oil tanks which allowed tanks to be inspected without emptying the tank first.

    Instrument Manufacturer - Instrument Control Software
    Developed embedded control software for an instrument which measures the properties of air filtration devices.


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